Best Buy General Managers

Doug is a very charismatic public speaker who captivates the audience with his entertaining and interactive stories. Doug did a fantastic job inspiring and motivating the team to strive for a higher level of customer service. He gave our team some different views that were very insightful and useful for our staff and organization.” – National Director, Sales & Operations

We were thrilled to have Doug present at our General Manager’s conference. Doug was incredible, drawing on his experiences and tools used to inspire teams at Disney as the base for a first-class presentation on leadership. He also took the time to familiarize himself with our business, strategy, core values, themes of the conference, and skillfully reinforced those themes throughout his presentation. He was entertaining, dynamic and enlightening, and we would absolutely recommend him to any company looking to inspire their leadership teams.”


We appreciated your participation in our event, not just your presence, but your preparation, insight, and the energy that you brought. We have received numerous comments on how your presentation was a personal highlight for many. You are a true professional and wish you continued success. From this point forward you are an honorary member of the Smith’s team, and I hope our friendship continues.”

Daymon Worldwide

Doug had an impressive level of knowledge regarding Daymon and its Associates, especially considering he learned most of it in a short amount of time. He was a pleasure to work with!”

Telus Area Managers Leadership Conference

Doug’s keynote speech provided energy, knowledge and a passion that really came through as he took our group through an educating and entertaining journey to share how Disney University creates the world’s most engaged and customer-centric employees. I was very impressed with how Doug took the time to really understand our business and get to know our team to ensure he delivered a tailored session that gave us great momentum in delivering on our number one priority of putting customers first. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive, and it was said by many that learning from Doug was the highlight of the conference. We really hope working with Doug again in the future. We hired Doug to come and inspire a room of 70 Retail Leaders, and he delivered! – Manager, Training Programs

Associated Food Stores

We selected you based on your background, lecture content, and entertaining demo video. We knew that you would be a good speaker. However, during your speech we were pleasantly surprised: you were not only good, you were fantastic! Your ability to grab and command the audience’s attention for the duration of your speech is a rare quality among many of today’s speakers. Instead of waiting for the lecture to end, many commented that the time passed too quickly. Often keynote speakers claim they will research and tailor their speech so it has an impact on your specific audience. Often times, this application is only made on the surface level, approached once during the speech, and then it is back to the standard presentation. This was NOT the case with your speech. You actually did your homework and understood our strategies and referenced their orientation time after time. To this day, we still receive compliments about your entertaining and education lecture. In recommending you as a speaker to another company, I would say, ‘Plain and simple, Doug delivers’.”

Sobeys – Argentina (2017)

I want to say thank you for the great presentation in Buenos Aires. We are very pleased and the retailers took a lot away from it! They were discussing points all week It was a pleasure to work with you. You made it very easy for us!

Cardinal Health-Pharmacy Clients

Doug Lipp was excellent!! I organized a large trade show with over 4,000 small business owners that attend each year. Doug’s content was relevant, applicable, and totally entertaining. Our attendees were completely engaged throughout his presentation. He delivered the perfect message!

In my 13 years in organizing trade shows for small business owners, I’ve never had so many requests for a copy of the keynote speakers’ presentation. I highly recommend Doug Lipp.

Do It Best

I have attached the feedback that we received from the evaluations that were turned in. It was a successful session! 4.9 out of 5Some of the comments were:
“Made me think of lots of new ideas”
“Great examples and lessons infused with humor”
“Best class this week!”