Siemens Health Services

The extended leadership team was very pleased with your performance and found it to be exactly what we were looking for.”


I very recently had the pleasure of having Doug Lipp speak to about 110 of my HR professionals from the US and Canada. Not only was he an impeccable speaker and presenter to drive thought proving questions and cultural change. But he is also an amazing person. I greatly look forward to future dialogue and work with Doug Lipp.

BASF Corporation (2016)

Everyone enjoyed Doug’s presentation. I think it accented well our desire to improve our customers’ experience with BASF. The mix of humor and seriousness really kept the audience engaged.

Our team is still talking about Doug’s presentation and many are currently actively reading the book “Disney U”! Doug did a great job of learning our business, challenges, and examples of how customer centricity was not just a term, but a way of life at Disney with his presentation. Bottom line, we are all challenging ourselves to continue to grow in this area with our customers and using Doug’s examples as vision posts to guide us.

Frigoscandia Equip.-Denmark

The conference was a big hit and considered to be the best one this group has ever attended. You have a delightful style that keeps your audience engaged through the use of ‘real-life’ examples and a touch of humor, which in turn makes you very effective in delivering a valuable message in an entertaining way. Your pre-program research and planning was clearly an essential key to your effectiveness in our conference. Your presentation put us in the right frame of mind to challenge various areas of our company in leadership and customer service issues!”

Daymon Worldwide

Doug had an impressive level of knowledge regarding Daymon and its Associates, especially considering he learned most of it in a short amount of time. He was a pleasure to work with!”

Carrier Transicold

We hired Doug to be the keynote speaker for our annual dealer meeting. Doug was great to work with and delivered an excellent keynote speech. He was very professional in his preparation and delivery, spending time prior to the event learning about the audience and understanding what we were looking for. His delivery kept the audience fully engaged for the entirety of his speech and the survey results from the dealers were outstanding.

Cisco (Supply Team Mgmt)

Doug was truly an inspiration across our management community.   His message about change resonated exceptionally well and brought our mindsets to a new holistic level many had not previously considered.   He then took us to a very personal level of understanding how we as individuals can take control and implement our own actions for success.”