McDonalds 2013 Combined Manager/Operator Rally (x3) -Central, Eastern, Western

Thank you for all you did to motivate our managers and crew during our recent CMOR. I enjoyed hearing about your expereinces with Disney U … there were so many relevant connections to the work that our teams do every day. I have no doubt that everyone left your presentation feeling engaged and empowered to improve the customer experience they provide. I thank you for that.   – U.S. Executive VP, Chief Operation’s Support Officer


You were far and away one of the group’s most impactful exchanges. They walked away not just with a more open mind but a more open heart. I noticed that in the conversations on the bus and during their final internal workshop event they specifically appreciated the way you would always tie back those wonderful personal and Disney stories back to a simple question, “are you showing empathy, are you human?” More than once they quoted the iron fist/velvet glove approach. The examples that certainly seemed to “land” with them were the case of the “lost princess” … provoked some powerful emotion in the audience. Without further ado though, some verbatim feedback:
· Highly inspired
· Very passionate and engaging
· Open up thinking and how we look at customers
· Fun! And learned a lot


People will carry the 7 lessons this year! There were great great learnings from Doug Lipp and it was a privilegedto have been part of the team attending the Leadership Conclave in Dubai and this opportunity to listen to this great speaker!

Frigoscandia Equip.-Denmark

The conference was a big hit and considered to be the best one this group has ever attended. You have a delightful style that keeps your audience engaged through the use of ‘real-life’ examples and a touch of humor, which in turn makes you very effective in delivering a valuable message in an entertaining way. Your pre-program research and planning was clearly an essential key to your effectiveness in our conference. Your presentation put us in the right frame of mind to challenge various areas of our company in leadership and customer service issues!”

Vox Cinemas- Dubai

At VOX Cinemas we have had the pleasure of working with Doug in his two visits to Dubai. As one of the sponsors for his first event we had the privilege of having Doug do a keynote presentation for over 400 of our team members. The thing that impressed all of us at VOX, was how Doug had taken the time to research our business and the direction the business was heading and integrate this into his presentation. The way in which our own terminology and culture had been integrated made it seem that Doug had been working with our company for over 10 years. The learnings which Doug shared from his time with Disney was educational, entertaining and unlike many other presenters, it was practical and learnings which can be easily implemented into any business for a positive impact.  All of us at VOX are looking forward to learning from Doug again in the near future.

Barclays Bank Senior Leadership- Spain

We were utterly delighted with Doug! He is a very accommodating, gracious person and we really appreciate the effort he made to understand the context and tone of the conference and how he embedded this into his talk. His content was completely relevant to the event and the audience. I would not hesitate to recommend or book him again.”

Philips Medical Supplies (ADAC Labs) -Belgium

Your presentation, “The Magic of Customer Service,” exceeded my expectations. That is a true indication of customer satisfaction. I heard many positive comments; such as, “This was the best presentation I have ever attended,” “It was well worth my time.” It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. You were very flexible in tailoring the presentation to the mixture of functional groups that would be attending the seminar.