McDonalds 2013 Combined Manager/Operator Rally (x3) -Central, Eastern, Western

Thank you for all you did to motivate our managers and crew during our recent CMOR. I enjoyed hearing about your expereinces with Disney U … there were so many relevant connections to the work that our teams do every day. I have no doubt that everyone left your presentation feeling engaged and empowered to improve the customer experience they provide. I thank you for that.   – U.S. Executive VP, Chief Operation’s Support Officer

Pei Wei Asian Diner, Inc.

I can’t tell you how inspirational your presentation was for our GMs! I have received so much positive feedback. Many people ran out and purchased your book, myself included. We look forward to staying in touch.

KFC (AKFCF)-Nat-l Meeting

Thank you for speaking to our managers about leadership and building effective customer service in their restaurants. You presented in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, while still getting your message across to the entire audience. You completely captured them with your energy, your conviction, and the undeniable truth of your message!

CKE Restraurants Franchise Conference

Doug spoke at a conference recently about his experiences with Disney University, replaying with great clarity and keen insight the value of giving great customer service. His presentation was fun and informative while keeping the audience engaged and interested in his every word. Doug will give an audience new zest for the art of being a focused service provider. I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker!”

Taco Bueno General Manager Conference

We were so impressed with Doug’s presentation at our GM Conference in Tulsa! His presentation scored the highest of all of our activities Attendees saying that they “loved it!” – SVP