US Bank/CA Corp. Banking Cntr.

We give Doug Lipp an A+ for his presentation to the U.S. Bank Annual Sales Conference. I could tell within minutes of his introduction that he had the complete attention of every participant – no small feat for the very last presenter at the end of a three-day conference! From the moment we met him, Doug gave us 100%. He met us to discuss our goals, reviewed survey results, requested information to tell him more about our group synergies, and provided drafts of his slides for our comment and approval. He attended our breakout sessions in the couple of hours preceding his presentation. After attending those sessions, he amended his opening based on some of the discussion he observed. Doug’s tailor-made presentation was right on target with the message, incorporating our goals and initiatives, and making it very personal to our group. And, of course, Doug is one of the most personable and approachable people you will ever meet. Working with him is a terrific experience!”