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We loved Doug. He understood our culture and the outcomes we were working towards. Doug was very attentive, requesting information, and in turn incorporating that information into his presentation – and it went smashingly well!

I enjoy creating unique and innovative experiences with a strong community-based connection. Working with Doug Lipp was a pleasure! Planning our event with him was one of the best keynote experiences I have had in my career. Doug was very open and curious about our organizational and looked for topic areas to focus on when developing his customized keynote for our annual staff event. Doug was able highlight key themes presented at the conference that reflected our strategic plan, focusing on why were all there – for the students. Even if we do not directly come in to contact with the student body on campus, we’re all providing customer service in some way that connects back to our students. Doug Lipp’s keynote was relevant and to the point, providing excellent information for all who attended. Feedback from the attendees was resoundingly positive.