Texas Workforce Commission

I know by now I’ve said it dozens of times but it truly was an honor to meet Doug, to hear from him and learn from him! Like you, I trust he will return to this place in the future!
Below are comments from post-conference survey:
Doug makes perfect sense.”
“What a way to end the Conference! Very dynamic speaker!”
“I really enjoyed the Disney insider information and his ‘can-do’ attitude.”
“What a great presentation to end the conference. Doug Lipp was extraordinary. I could have listened to him for hours.”
“He was funny! Kept you wanting to know more.”
“Excellent, best keynote address I have heard in my 7 years of workforce development in the state of Texas.”
“Fantastic presentation – very memorable and pertinent stories.”
“Excellent way to end the conference. Very uplifting, yet thoughtful. Great ideas on providing a new level of customer service.”