Edward Jones, Drucker Conference

Below are the verbatim comments from The Drucker Conference’s post-conference attendee evaluations:
“I found Mr. Lipp very motivating as a speaker. He has prompted me to look at some things differently.”
“I found the idea of Onstage/Offstage valuable. Always give something to the client and taking something away from the client at each contact with them.”
“The presentation from Doug Lipp was informative and motivational and felt there was a lot from that session that we can implement in the branch.”
“Doug Lipp’s session was terrific. Good material, well-presented, useful analogies that we can relate to, even though he worked in a very different business.”
“Doug Lipp was awesome. I loved what he said about taking something to the table as well as taking something away.”
“The keynote speaker, Doug Lipp, was extremely relevant, with easily drawn parallels to our business practices.”