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We selected you based on your background, lecture content, and entertaining demo video. We knew that you would be a good speaker. However, during your speech we were pleasantly surprised: you were not only good, you were fantastic! Your ability to grab and command the audience’s attention for the duration of your speech is a rare quality among many of today’s speakers. Instead of waiting for the lecture to end, many commented that the time passed too quickly. Often keynote speakers claim they will research and tailor their speech so it has an impact on your specific audience. Often times, this application is only made on the surface level, approached once during the speech, and then it is back to the standard presentation. This was NOT the case with your speech. You actually did your homework and understood our strategies and referenced their orientation time after time. To this day, we still receive compliments about your entertaining and education lecture. In recommending you as a speaker to another company, I would say, ‘Plain and simple, Doug delivers’.”