Even Monkeys Fall from Trees: Learn from Mistakes & Embrace Change

The best and the brightest make mistakes. However, the ability to learn from setbacks, then bounce back even stronger, is the hallmark of market leaders. Join motivational keynote speaker Doug as he discusses Walt Disney’s unrivaled focus on creating one of the strongest teams of Dreamers and Doers in the world. “Change or perish” defines the innovative Disney culture. Doug takes you behind-the-scenes to discover how Disney pushed through obstacles by relentlessly challenging the status quo in literally every corner of the company.

Is it time to bust wide open the creativity in your organization? This is your opportunity to step back, gain perspective, build a winning game plan, and unleash the potential of your employees.BEYOND STUCK IN THE MIDDLE SEAT™ Welcome Change & Take Control

What’s the worst place in an airplane? The middle seat! Why? You’re literally stuck in a rotten place, possibly for a long time, and you can’t do anything about it. Or can you? During this presentation, Doug uses the middle seat as a metaphor for what happens to all of us in life. How do you turn setbacks into opportunities for growth? When in a situation that you “can’t control,” what possibility options do you have?
Join Doug for some fun as he addresses how to get unstuck and unleash the power to conquer “cirrhosis of the enthusiasm.”

Disney U: How Disney University Develops the World's Most Engaged, Loyal, and Customer-Centric Employees
Disney U does a masterful job of detailing how Disney has built a brand that transcends generations and cultures. Doug Lipp has created much more than the standard “how to” business book. Disney U provides numerous compelling, behind-the-scenes stories that bring to life Walt Disney¹s timeless values of employee development, attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of quality.”
STEPHEN CANNON, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercedes-Benz USA

Walt had one foot in the past and one foot in the future.

Marty Sklar, Retired Vice Chairman, Walt Disney Imagineering

Even Monkeys Fall From Trees

Learn from Mistakes and Embrace Change.

Moving Beyond Stuck in the Middle Seat

Welcome Change & Take Control

Change or Perish

Take a Ride on the S-Curve

The Magic of Imagine

Unleashing your Creativity

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Learning Points

All presentations are customized. Needs assessment time with Doug is included with every project. Great attention to organizational challenges and/or mission is considered when designing a client’s program. Presentations may be a one-hour keynote or up to three hours in a workshop format. Leadership and teamwork programs may contain any of the following learning modules.

  • learning points

    From Silos to Synergy: Harnessing Creative Tension

    How Disney University ignited collaboration, creativity and profits via executive development.

  • Change or Perish: Take a Ride on the S-Curve

    Contrarian thinkers. Brutal Honesty. “Pot stirrers.” Constantly-evolving organizations embrace these innovation imperatives. Does yours?

  • The Honeymoon Will End: Cinderella Castle and Culture Change

    Even the best fail … a crisis management lesson from Walt Disney World.

  • Budgets Are Tight, Creativity is Free

    Prescription for a ‘no-excuses’ culture.

  • Arthritis of the Imagination: Eliminating the #1 Creativity Killer

    Success leads to complacency. Market leaders know how to conquer “cirrhosis of the enthusiasm.”

  • The Magic of Imagine: Unleashing Your Creativity

    Seven absolutes for getting out of the rut.

  • One Foot in the Past, One Foot in the Future: Leveraging Your Traditions

    The surprising truth about balancing legacy with current and future needs.

  • Even Monkeys Fall From Trees – Don’t Blame the Branch

    Failure happens. Every organization and leader eventually suffers a humiliating setback or defeat. The most resilient bounce back and share two cultural traits: ferocity and humility.

  • The Best is Never the Best – Eliminating “Good Enough.”

    Walt Disney’s first Audio-Animatronic figure was a failure. Learn how Walt transformed this catastrophe into a force still driving The Walt Disney Company.

  • “YES, IF!” – No Excuses Leadership

    Demand a “Yes If” culture. Learn how Walt Disney created breakthrough technology and unparalleled standards with a no excuses leadership style.

  • Beyond Stuck in the Middle Seat™ – Welcome Change and Take Control

    What’s the worst place in an airplane? The middle seat! Why? You’re literally stuck in a rotten place, possibly for a long time, and you can’t do anything about it. Or can you? Doug uses the middle seat as a metaphor for what happens to all of us in life. How do you deal with unfortunate situations? When in a situation that you “can’t control,” what options do you actually have?

  • Mental Toughness in a Challenging Economy

    “Do more with less.” “Connected to the office 24-7.” “Cutthroat competition.” These realities are here to stay and can lead to catastrophic burnout and turnover. How do you and your team cope? What can you do to create sustained energy and creativity?

  • “We’re sooo good!” The Slippery Slope of Success

    “If we make it, they buy it!” This statement reflects an attitude that can quickly open the door to your competitors. How do you handle your hard-earned marketplace success and name recognition?

  • “Whaaa” – This Isn’t Fair! Beware of the “Victim Mentality”

    Competition is fierce, markets are eroding, bosses are demanding and employees are complaining. These are the perfect conditions for creating “victims” in an organization. Recognize it. Eliminate it.

  • Lessons from Disney U – From the Love Bug to Lion King

    How did Disney reinvent itself … twice?! Disney was stuck in a rut making more Love Bug movies while the competition was making ET. How did Disney turn itself around?

  • Dreamer or Doer? It’s All About Balance.

    Art and Science, Maintenance and Risk-Taking, Short-Term and Long-Term, Expertise and Empathy. All of these represent balances that must be attained. How balanced is your team? And, how deep is your bench?

  • The Globe is Shrinking, Is Your Market Expanding?

    Backyard globalization is upon us. How is your company tapping into the ever-growing cultural diversity in which you operate? In this segment, learn how some of the world’s most effective teams have leveraged diversity of language, culture and generations to crush their competitors.